Release date: 03.04.2023



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Application areas:

Suitable for professional backfilling of damaged areas (impact and drill core holes) and for small-scale repairs of milled areas on roads of all load categories. Especially for porous asphalts, such as (O)PA, drain pavements and whisper asphalts, with up to 50mm paving thickness per layer to be compacted.



REPHALT (O)PA is a reactive curing, cold-applied asphalt mix. At 20°C REPHALT (O)PA cures within one hour and can be driven on immediately after compaction. REPHALT (O)PA is free of mineral flux oils or solvents and is completely recyclable. Still workable at temperatures below 0°C. (Remove ice from installation site, pre-treat with a primer).



To be observed during processing:

  • If necessary, REaktiv PRIMER is applied to the edges of the old stock.
  • This is applied to the substrate with a dry brush or as a spray primer
    and installation can be started immediately.
  • Spread the mix on the substrate, mix well with water and pave slightly over the surface.
    The recommended quantity of water is 0.5 liters per unit.
  • Intermediate compaction is necessary for paving thicknesses above 50 mm.
  • Slow rolling traffic will not damage the fresh layer.



Approx. 20kg/cm and m² with appropriate compaction.



Processing equipment can be cleaned with biodiesel or rapeseed oil.



Limited shelf life. Store in a cool and dry place – not outdoors and not under direct sunlight!
Damaged packaging or overstorage leads to slow curing due to humidity.
Process these containers immediately if possible.


Further information:

  • Partially emptied containers must be processed quickly, as air humidity causes curing in the container.
  • Binder residue on the bottom does not represent a defect of the product.
    Simply mix it homogeneously into the remaining product.


Observe the REPHALT (O)PA Safety-data sheet

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