Release date: 20.03.2023



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Application areas:

REFUG® 2K is ideal for sealing joints, cracks and seams in asphalt roadworks, on bridges and for sealing concrete joints after corresponding pretreatment.

For optimum layer adhesion between existing concrete joint and REFUG® we recommend pre-treatment with the ­REAKTIV PRIMER in the 5 kg package or the REAKTIV SPRAY-PRIMER in the practical 750 ml spray can.



REFUG® 2K is a two-component joint-sealing mass that may be worked cold and that cures reactively. No solvents are released during this type of curing; that is why REFUG® 2K is particularly environmentally-friendly.

REFUG® 2K is characterized by durable and favorable viscoelasticity, excellent resistance to heat and cold, high resistance to ageing and weathering, very good adhesion on asphalt and other solid construction materials and low surface tackiness. At +25°C, the curing time to a consistency that may be used by traffic is around one hour.

REFUG® 2K conforms to the requirements for hot grouting compounds according to standard SN 671 625 or TL bit Fug after a 2-week lying time.


Stir component A thoroughly using a suitable stirring device and then stir in component B.

Homogenize the material until there are no visible white streaks.

Process the finished mixture quickly, as the curing process starts to happen quickly.

The filled joint can be sprinkled with chippings or sand.


To be observed during processing:

  • The sealing compound’s temperature must be at least +15°C and at most +30°C for easy application. The reaction time is accelerated when it is used at higher product temperatures.
  • The asphalt surface’s temperature must exceed +5°C as otherwise the joint must be preheated and dried with hot air immediately before use.
  • The outdoor temperature should ideally range between +5°C and +30°C.
  • The compound may only be used in dry weather.
  • The joints must be clean, free from loose particles and adhering dirt and must be adequately firm and dry.
  • Extremely narrow joints (less than 5 mm opening width) do not absorb sufficient material and cannot be permanently sealed.



Approx. 1 kg REFUG® corresponds to a volume of 1 dm³.



Thoroughly clean tools immediately after use with a paper towel and then remove the remaining material using solvents (biodiesel or similar).



Limited shelf life. Always keep cool and in closed rooms, always store in a dry place that is protected from frost. Always mix and use up one unit completely, opened containers cannot be stored.


Hazard warnings:

REFUG® 2K is not a hazardous preparation as defined by the Austrian chemicals law.

Safety advice:

  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Avoid contact with skin and eyes.
  • Prevent entry into sewers, waters and ground water.
  • Keep away from sources of ignition.

Countermeasures in the event of accidents:

  • Cover with sand or sawdust.
  • In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.
  • In case of fire use foam, dry powder or carbon dioxide.


Further information:

It is recommended that 4/8 or 8/11 grit be put in place beforehand for joints that are wider than 2 cm.


Observe the REFUG® 2K safety data sheets: Comp A, Comp B

Do not dispose of in household waste. Dispose of at special waste-collection points.

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