Award-winning road construction and rehabilitation at the highest level

Vialit: Fit for the future with first-class products and environmentally friendly, efficient production processes

Manufacturing high-quality products for road construction and rehabilitation in harmony with the natural environment that meet the demands of our customers while ensuring a solid future for the company – this was and remains our fundamental concern at Vialit. We apply the highest standards in choosing the ways and means to achieve this objective.

In recognition of these efforts, we receive awards time and time again.
It is thoroughly possible to carry out road construction and rehabilitation in harmony with our environment. Our tireless efforts in increasing energy efficiency and in ecological quality and design culminate in the achievement of klimaaktiv certification. The climate protection initiative of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management of Austria awards companies for their special achievements in climate protection. Since …, Vialit has been one of these companies.


Road construction and rehabilitation – Vialit as “Factory of the Future”

Vialit has been a “Factory of the Future” since 2003. Vialit participated in this benchmark competition for the European manufacturing industry and received one of the 4 main prizes awarded for its innovation RapsAsphalt in the competition “Intelligent application of renewable raw materials”. See the commentary of the expert jury *.

A number of our products also receive awards again and again. To name a current example: the environmentally friendly ReaktivAsphalt by Vialit, which employs a steadily increasing amount of renewable raw materials.

*Commentary of the jury
This original project enables the
substitution of fossil resources (bitumen)
with renewable ones (rapeseed oil) in road
maintenance. This makes the wear particles of the asphalt
environmentally friendly and more easily degradable. In
contrast to mineral pavements, rapeseed
asphalt exhibits better abrasion properties and
better behaviour at high temperatures.
Reducing the emissions released during the
application of the asphalt, which pose a
considerable health risk, significantly lowers
the risk to workers.
This project also has a positive impact on
farmers, as rapeseed cultivation provides an
additional, secure source of income …

Are you interested in finding out more about the awards Vialit has received for its road construction and rehabilitation efforts and products? Then get in touch with us – we look forward to getting to know you!

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