RapsAsphalt – the “green” asphalt

An environmentally friendly road surface to combat the greenhouse effect

The idea to use renewable raw materials such as rapeseed oil and comparable vegetable, natural raw materials in an innovative way originated in our research laboratories. It’s as simple as it is convincing, as an asphalt type based on this material contributes significantly to the reduction of emissions. Moreover, a road surface of this kind enables sustainable management and provides a double benefit in terms of achieving the objective of the Kyoto Protocol of reducing CO₂ emissions worldwide.

The principle is amazingly simple: the use of renewable resources in the production of road surfaces permanently binds carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Any excess CO₂ released promotes the greenhouse effect and contributes to undesirable global climate change. Vialit products such as RapsAsphalt and REaktivAsphalt are considered “CO₂ eaters” because their raw materials bind CO₂ in their growth phase and do not release carbon dioxide due to the omission of a combustion phase during asphalting. Want to calculate the CO₂ savings yourself? Click on our CO₂ calculator!


RapsAsphalt – the sustainable asphalt as an answer to global climate change

Asphalting with RapsAsphalt is active environmental protection – no more and no less. Vialit RapsAsphalt also has a number of impressive advantages as a road surface:

  • High wettability & good grit holding capacity
  • Good storage stability
  • High load-bearing capacity, especially on curves and slopes
  • Rapid setting, ensuring earlier clearance for traffic and shorter running-in time
  • 1 m² of road surface corresponds to 1 m² of rapeseed field
  • Excellent ageing properties

Vialit offers you RapsAsphalt in different grades – download the detailed product characteristics here.

You too can asphalt with environmentally friendly rapeseed asphalt! Our experts will be happy to advise you in detail about this type of asphalt, which you can only get from Vialit – the road surface with future potential! Just give us a call!

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