Vialit relies on solar power

Photovoltaic systems supply electricity for road rehabilitation products

Vialit is one of the leading producers of special products for the rehabilitation and maintenance of roads as well as for various types of asphalt repair. As a globally active company, we are not only committed to manufacturing environmentally friendly and health-neutral products. We also attach great importance to making the production process itself as sustainable as possible.

This is why we have installed three photovoltaic systems with a total area of 1,650 m2 on our roofs to complement our small hydroelectric power plant on the Mattig river. This means that we are also actively harnessing solar energy for our production. The photovoltaic surfaces generate a total nominal output of almost 300,000 kWh per year. Together with the electricity from our small hydroelectric power plant, we cover more than half of the energy demand of our production from our own sources. To put these valuable resources to the best possible use, we are continuously adjusting the efficiency of our energy consumers; for example, parts of the heating system have now been converted to run on our own electricity instead of natural gas, and conventional lighting systems have been upgraded to LED systems.


Asphalt repair, road repair and other road maintenance products – environmental friendliness writ large

Whether it’s hydropower or solar energy – Vialit is on the right path.
Natural resources instead of fossil energy is the motto by which we will increasingly manufacture our innovative products for asphalt repair and road rehabilitation using sustainable energy sources. This makes us a pioneer among asphalt manufacturers – a role we increasingly feel is the right one for us.

Customers who rely on our products think like we do at Vialit. That makes us proud. We will consistently pursue this path. Join us and put your trust in Vialit for road maintenance, asphalt repair and road damage repair. Are we on the same wavelength as you? Contact us!

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