Sustainability for potholes – Vialit thinks above and beyond

Industry and living space in balance

Environmental protection and technological innovation – for Vialit this is no contradiction. Our products and new developments constantly revolve around repairing asphalt, closing potholes and maintaining road networks. Not necessarily topics that seem very connected to environmental concerns.
And yet: Vialit brings industry and living space into harmony with each other – and does everything to keep it that way in the future.

Our new developments are designed to optimise the use of resources and minimise emissions, both in production and processing. This is a matter of course for us. Our main product is also based on this philosophy: bitumen emulsions, as aqueous dispersions of bitumen, can fundamentally be processed in an environmentally friendly and energy-saving way with zero emissions. Our goal is to offer all products for road rehabilitation without the use of solvents – from potholes to large-scale maintenance. Once the asphalt has been repaired, the garage driveway has been asphalted or the pothole caused by frost has been closed, the end result is impressive thanks to its high durability, recyclability and conservation of raw materials as a result of low layer thicknesses.


Bitumen emulsions, products based on renewable raw materials: Vialit thinks “green”

Sustainability in road construction and rehabilitation – at Vialit this is a daily reality! Research in our laboratories always focuses not only on product benefits but also on product properties. These enable the products to be manufactured and applied in harmony with nature. Bitumen emulsions for repairing asphalt, rapeseed asphalt for maintaining the road network or wherever road and asphalt damage occurs – our maxim at Vialit is: think about making tomorrow sustainable today!

Would you also like to realise your project with future generations in mind? From simple potholes to large-scale rehabilitation, from energy-saving asphalt repair with bitumen emulsions to the use of patented natural building materials – Vialit is your competent partner!

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