Committed to road construction - for nearly 100 years

Pioneering wor for the Austrian asphalt industry

Vialit Asphalt GmbH & Co. KG can trace its roots back to 1928. Three years before this, in 1925, the German Vialit Gesellschaft mbH had been founded in Bonn-Beuel in Germany. Vialit Asphalt in Braunau, Upper Austria, became the company’s headquarters and numerous other Vialit branches were opened on almost every continent in the following years.

The object of the Vialit group of companies was, and still is, the development of road construction and maintenance procedures. Their activities focus on economic, eco-friendly and efficient road maintenance. As an innovative specialist, Vialit is consistently researching and developing road maintenance procedures and products as well as asphalt innovations. Bitumen emulsions play a major role as a construction material – their further development with respect to modern environmental requirements in road maintenance and the variety of newly developed fields of application are due largely to the Vialit group’s decades of research and development work.


We’ve got asphalt in our blood – pioneering products with great potential for the future

Vialit was, and still is, one of the key players in global goings-on in asphalt. Whether bitumen emulsion or other product developments – we are always in the vanguard. So the fact that we are constantly working on future-oriented products is fully in line with our perception of the future. Visionary products such as RapsAsphalt and REaktivAsphalt are just two impressive examples.

And behind all of these developments, you will find highly-qualified employees, soundly matured structures, a readiness to invest and an acute environmental awareness. Vialit Asphalt is a member of numerous national and international organisations related to road construction and sends delegates to various expert committees.

You too can profit from our experience and competence in road construction and maintenance. With eco-friendly Vialit construction materials such as bitumen emulsions and other products, you can get your asphalt roads into shape for the challenges the future will bring – we are looking forward to hearing from you!

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