Vialit’s corporate philosophy

We shape our future together!


Customer satisfaction

For the past 90 years, our priority has been to satisfy our customers. Innovative strength, quality, flexibility, reliability and top service make us a reliable partner for road and path construction as well as their maintenance. We aim to establish and maintain long-standing relations with our customers. Their trust is won because we are reliable, honest and upright – values that are not just legal requirements but which we uphold on principle.

Family business

Two generations of the Eybl and Hackl families have been managing the company together for nearly thirty years. The interaction between tradition and innovation over the years has proven to be a stroke of luck for stability and progress.

Employee satisfaction

Our employees at home and abroad are our most valuable asset. We demand performance-oriented and independent thinking from our workforce and encourage future engineering skills through qualified apprenticeships and international trainee exchange programmes.

As a flourishing family business that offers its employees a good and safe job, reliability and trust are just as much a part of Vialit’s practised tradition as open dealings and mutual respect.

Quality over quantity

The quality of production comes before quantity, in keeping with our principles. The strictest of quality controls guarantee first-class and sustainable premium products for our customers. A complaint spurs us on to further improvements and is dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Aesthetics and technology

Technical perfection is the goal of our investments in new product developments, equipment and administrative infrastructure and is a measure of our performance. This makes us experts in our field. New ideas help our customers get the best out of their invested capital.

Ecology and economy

We think in generations, not in short periods! We are passionate about producing and using eco-friendly products, because ecological necessity comes before economic benefits. A principle that has now been realised by international politics with its corporate advisers, but which has long been implemented by Vialit.

Flexibility and innovation

The way we plan and work has nothing to do with the size of the order. We are never to big for small jobs and are large enough to take on big clients. Our research and development departments are given the freedom they need for their visionary way of thinking – space in which to develop ideas and creativity!

Regional and international

As a company based in Upper Austria, we feel we have a special obligation to local customers. Over the many years of our company history, we have gradually established a worldwide sphere of influence and have become an important partner on key global markets. Business success gives us the space and freedom we need to implement our corporate philosophy and goals. We would like to thank all of our customers for their loyalty and trust in our products and services.

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