Research and development – asphalt research for roads with a future

Our vision: sustainable construction material concepts and energy-saving construction methods

The asphalt industry is facing major challenges in an era of steadily increasing traffic on increasingly outdated roads. Dwindling fossil-based binder and energy reserves and, in some cases, dwindling resources of high-grade road construction stone require a paradigm shift towards the increased reuse of old construction materials along with the use of energy-saving and sustainable construction materials and methods. Vialit is meeting this challenge with all its innovative strength.

Our numerous patent applications and successful product launches testify to our tireless efforts and in-depth know-how in the field of asphalt and innovative road surfaces.

Environmental factors are at the forefront of all developments in our in-house laboratory. For example, we are focused on replacing solvent products that are harmful to health and the environment with non-hazardous and environmentally friendly emulsion products as well as on the use of renewable raw materials. We can claim considerable successes in this area:

  • With the development of our patented rapeseed asphalt, we’ve succeeded in replacing bitumen components with natural rapeseed oil – a renewable raw material – for the first time.
  • REaktivAsphalt is an absolute world first. This innovative product range – we call it the 4th dimension of asphalt – is free of volatile solvents, can be processed cold and sets quickly and in an environmentally friendly way. This puts cold asphalt, coatings, joint and crack filling as well as structural waterproofing on a new technical basis of functionality.

Vialit Asphalt – in the technological fast lane.

Asphalt innovations – from construction products to construction methods – require goal-oriented quality management and an efficient laboratory. The following tasks have to be performed:

  • Ongoing adaptation of the product range to the current quality requirements and installation conditions of our domestic and foreign partners
  • Design of test procedures
  • Development of economic innovations for companies in other sectors (sealing systems, sewer manhole renovation, wall drying, etc.)
  • Development of environmentally friendly products and processes for asphalt coating and colour design of asphalt surfaces

You will find Vialit to be an experienced and competent partner whose products are unrivalled in terms of cost-effectiveness and environmental friendliness. Whether it’s asphalt road surfaces, rehabilitation products such as repair asphalt or many other products: Take advantage of our know-how! Our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have – just give us a call!

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