Innovations from and for the world of asphalt

We’re breaking new ground – follow us!

Vialit is in regular contact with customers from the sectors of road construction, road rehabilitation and road maintenance. Constant feedback, suggestions and our own research efforts keep us up to date with market developments.

On this basis, we’re constantly developing products for individual specifications. Whether it’s bitumen-based binder systems or plastic systems, new asphalt products with improved properties such as coloured asphalt, our world novelty REaktivAsphalt or particularly economical construction methods – our extensive internal expertise feeds into all these developments. Often with revolutionary success.

Some of these innovations are opening up completely new horizons in the asphalt industry, while others fulfil long-standing needs, offer previously unimagined comfort or are particularly environmentally friendly. Coloured asphalt, canned asphalt or rapeseed asphalt are just a few examples of Vialit’s innovative strength in these areas.

Practical tools for asphalt construction work

In addition to our future-oriented products, construction methods and services, the experts at Vialit are also constantly bringing special tools to the market that make everyday work on construction sites or in the company’s own test laboratory easier.

Anyone who is at home in the world of bitumen and asphalt will be delighted with these practical and reliable testing devices. Initial information can be found on this website, but our experts will also be happy to advise you on the technical details – just give us a call!

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