The Vialit laboratory – a reliable basis for the development of road rehabilitation products

Asphalt research since 1950

Vialit has had a functioning laboratory since about 1950. In the 1970s, the visionary company management recognised the importance of this “tool” for developing innovative products and construction methods for road rehabilitation and maintenance at the highest quality level.

From then on, the focus was on expanding the company laboratory. The number of employees and their qualifications were raised, and investments were made in advanced equipment and facilities. The motivated team soon produced representative results: About 25 patents have been registered so far, Vialit experts are active in research projects, research societies and standardisation committees and are continuously involved in the development of new (asphalt) products and processes for road rehabilitation.

The Vialit laboratory is an important contributor to the company’s success. Here, experiments, quality controls, tests, measurements, calibrations are carried out and test batches of future (asphalt) products or for product improvements in road rehabilitation are produced. The laboratory is an existentially vital tool for innovation, quality assurance and the increase of technical and scientific knowledge.

Vialit laboratory: small-scale experiments for large-scale success

For road rehabilitation and maintenance products to have lasting success and prove themselves on the market, they must be tested in advance on a small scale. This is where trends are set by exploring possibilities and a sustainable basis is created for progress and knowledge. For example, the Vialit laboratory was instrumental in the expansion of our business fields abroad; major customers value our know-how concerning binders and products based on them for asphalt construction and road maintenance.

In the future, the expertise of the Vialit laboratory will play an even more important role than it already does. It will become part of the strategic product management and, in this capacity, an important factor for the future viability of the company.

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