Quality management – Asphalt rehabilitation at a top international level

The Vialit commitment to top quality


Bitumen emulsions, REaktivAsphalt in the 4th dimension, patented construction methods and much more: top quality and transparency with regard to all production steps is a key concern for us.



The experts in our in-house development and quality assurance laboratory carry out product tests at short intervals during the production process. This ensures that our bitumen and other products are monitored in accordance with the required quality protection criteria. Random samples of drill cores from asphalt rehabilitation construction sites complete our practice-oriented quality tests.

From bitumen emulsion to ReaktivAsphalt – high-quality products for asphalt rehabilitation thanks to state-of-the-art testing equipment

The Vialit quality laboratory uses all conventional and industry-standard testing methods and the latest equipment for product testing:

  • Stray laser light measuring device for determining the particle size distribution
  • Rheometer (dynamic shear rheometer) for testing the characteristic values of binders
  • Emulsifying devices
  • “Vialit Cohesion Pendulum” for determining the cohesion of bitumen-based binders
  • Test press for determining the Marshall stability of test specimens made from innovative asphalt mix specialities

We also use methods we have devised and developed in-house:

  • Procedure for the simple testing of rheological bitumen parameters
  • Methods for the rapid testing of binder contents in bitumen emulsions (microwave method and online process control using a PC)
  • Very simple proportioning quantity check at surface treatment roadwork sites (egg carton method)
  • Practical methods for the on-site analysis of the bitumen content in slurry surfacing (DDK)
  • Quick tester to test the strength of the rock directly at the roadwork sites – (Splitt-Test-Schnell STS – quick grit test)

Vialit expertise in road construction and asphalt rehabilitation is in high demand at home and abroad! Our quality management staff are active in specialist committees, in the Austrian Standards Institute and in professional associations. They cooperate with research centres, accredited inspection bodies, universities, write technical publications on asphalt rehabilitation issues and give technical lectures.

Would you like to learn more about Vialit quality management? We would be happy to tell you more about the quality assurance of our asphalt rehabilitation products such as bitumen emulsions, special reactive products or patented construction processes. Contact our experts!

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