Special products from Vialit for a variety of problem areas in road construction and maintenance

On the road again: the Vialit troubleshooter

Day-to-day business in road construction, road rehabilitation, hydraulic engineering or structural waterproofing involves a wide range of problem areas. Those who have a competent partner at their side in these cases – and the right product – are off to a good start. We at Vialit have always been committed to solving problems in road construction, rehabilitation and maintenance.

With the wide range of Vialit products, almost any problem can be handled and an optimal solution found.

Whether it’s micro-surfacing or DDK, REaktivAsphalt, various cold asphalt products, bitumen emulsions with their wide range of applications or particularly environmentally friendly product innovations such as RapsAsphalt – at Vialit you are guaranteed to find the ideal product for your particular area of application.

From DOSENASPHALT to DDK to REaktivAsphalt – Vialit will solve your road construction problem!

The following compilation will help acquaint you in detail with the many possible applications of each individual Vialit product. In terms of naming and classification, this problem-solving overview is based on RVS 13.541 “Road rehabilitation, asphalt roads, principles for assessing conditions and measures”. The recommended product selection is based on the area size or the number of linear metres. Please note: Products marked for manual processing are ideal for smaller road construction measures.

Damage pattern for single cracks:

Cracks up to 1 cm wide: REFUG (sprinkle with grit for better grip!)
Cracks from 0.5 to 3 cm: REFUG with gritted coating combination of REPHALT and REFUG
Cracks, gaping, breakouts: REPHALT – possibly in combination with REFUG

Damage pattern for net cracks:

Large-area net cracks: asphalt fleece paving in combination with surface treatment membrane layer + DDK
Limited to small sections: REFUG (sprinkle with grit for better grip!)
Net cracks due to hardening: STRADALAN sealing
“Non-living” cracks: sealing by means of VS 2 (micro-coating), micro-coating

Open seams:

Typical worn-out finished seams: REFUG, STRADALAN, DOSENASPHALT
Funnel-shaped breaking out finished seams: REFUG in combination with REPHALT, DOSENASPHALT
Avoidance of open finished seams: VIAPLAST HV as a preventive measure during asphalt application

Open joints:

Joints between asphalt and concrete, road borders, masonry: REFUG
Dilatation joints, masonry: REFUG in combination with grit infill or REPHALT (“cold Thormajoint system”)

Mortar loss:

Worn-out, weathered asphalt surfaces: surface treatment, DDK sealer, STRADALAN, BAHNFIX, RESIST, coloured coating

Grain loss:

Surface treatment, DDK, grout enrichment, sealing, STRADALAN, DOSENASPHALT


Abrasion-induced rutting: DDK (profile and cover), DOSENASPHALT
Rutting due to deformation: milling technology in combination with DDK or surface treatment, possibly also a layer renewal (on high-stability base course) is required, which is completed with DDK.

If you have any questions about Vialit products for road rehabilitation or structural waterproofing – whether it’s DOSENASPHALT, DDK, bitumen emulsion, REaktivAsphalt or other products – please contact our experts. They will be happy to advise you!

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