Vialit’s mission statement


Reliable staff who have become experts in all fields of asphalt through internal and external training guarantee the high Vialit quality.
We work faster, more efficiently and cheaper than our competitors. We take the strict compliance with deadlines as a given. “Fair trade, legal compliance” take priority for us: we go about our business conscientiously and cheat no-one.


We have made it our job to offer maximum flexibility in both the acceptance and execution of orders. All of our orders are carried out by our own capable and efficient fleet of vehicles and primarily by our reliable staff.


We are a multi-talent when it comes to asphalt remediation and can offer optimum and comprehensive solutions to problems with innovative products. Our orders and operations go far beyond Austria’s borders.

Customer focus / advice

We have 90 years of experience and are a reliable and competent partner in every aspect of our various fields of activity.

  • Trained field staff, in action throughout Austria.
  • Our employees are willing to go that extra mile, and not just “9 to 5”.
  • We have extensive specialist know-how for any problem in the field of asphalt.
  • Our customer-oriented way of thinking has made us famous.

Social competence

Our company is characterised by a harmonious relationship with and between our employees. Numerous common activities outside working hours strengthen their bonds with the company.

  • Flexible working hours
  • Long-serving employees
  • Sponsoring

Quality / safety

  • Employment of qualified personnel and external specialists
  • Investments in the latest technology for production and execution
  • The latest machinery and equipment that is constantly being kept up-to-date

Environmental awareness / sustainability

These guiding principles are more than just words for us – we live and breathe them every day:

  • Solvents have been substituted in most of products.
  • We use renewable raw materials.
  • We generate the energy we need in our own mini hydroelectric power station on the Mattig and from solar panels on the company’s roof.
  • E-mobility or muscle power – short trips are completed without diesel or petrol (e-car, e-moped, bicycles for employees).


When talk turns to asphalt, VIALIT is sure to be mentioned.
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