Innovations for road construction – our heart and soul is in asphalt

Vialit and asphalt are inextricably linked. Founded in 1928, the company dedicated itself to road construction and the maintenance of roads and paths from the very beginning. As a result, Vialit has developed into a specialist for the Austrian asphalt industry with an international reputation and sites across the globe – the scientists and road construction experts in our laboratories are constantly striving to develop new and improve our existing products, applications and manufacturing processes.

Their attention is always focussed on the highest possible environmental friendliness.
Over the past decades, we have had a major say in road construction technology and maintenance procedures – specifically with our product bitumen emulsion. We are regarded as THE problem-solver for asphalt damage and our construction techniques are based on genuine craftsmanship.

The many years of experience and associated know-how form the basis for both the sound and visionary further development of our products. We are now producing asphalt innovations in the 4th dimension. The idea of sustainability plays a major role in all of our research – leading to the development of exciting special products such as Vialit RapsAsphalt.

Trust in asphalt and bitumen products from Vialit – it’s hard to imagine road construction and maintenance without them.
Research, manufacture and processing of bitumen-specific special products – for your roads
We help our customers renew, repair and rehabilitate roads. With proven quality products, eco-friendly technologies and innovative construction techniques, we make sure your road construction and maintenance projects are a success story. We are interested in solutions that not just satisfy, but ones that will simply leave you in awe.

Let yourself be inspired and experience our asphalt and bitumen products for road construction and maintenance in action. Our experts and experienced developers are looking forward to answering your questions!


The company name VIALIT is made up of VIA – the Latin word for road – and LIThos, the Greek word for stone. The name says it all!


With its eco-friendly asphalt grades and sustainable special products, Vialit puts people and their health first.