REPHALT® is a cold-processable and reactive-curing repair asphalt according to RVS 08.97.01 and H RepA – for asphalting work in small and large areas.



  • Professionally restoring roads in all load categories
  • Permanently restoring potholes
  • Creating ramps
  • Compensating for differences in levels
  • Filling trenches
  • Aphalting around road fixtures ( e.g. inlet grids, guide psts, guide rails, street lamps)
  • Restoring small areas at entrances to houses, house driveways and parking spaces




Product: REPHALT®
Packaging: 25 kg, 14 kg
Palletising: 24 bucktes, 72 bags

ADVICE: Compaction is decisive for durability of the restoration – depending on the installation thickness and maximum grain size, layer-bylayer application is recommended! REPHALT® is available in grain sizes 0/2, 0/4, 0/8 and 0/11.

For optimum adhesion, pretreatment with REAKTIV PRIMER is recommended.



The substrate must be free from contamination, dust
and grease. Can also be processed at temperatures just
below 0°C.



With an average installation thickness of 1 cm, one 25 kg
bucket of REPHALT® is required for 1 m².

At a glance

Road construction asphalt for every area of application

  • Various grain size gradations
  • Versatile
  • Passable immediatly after laying
  • Hardens with water
  • Maximum strenght


Data sheets

Product sheet REPHALT® (PDF/740.45 KB)

Safety-data sheet REPHALT® (PDF/64.03 KB)

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