RESIST 2K is a fuel-resistant surface coating whose binder properties are optimally matched to asphalt surfaces.



  • Leisure facilities
  • Parking and forecourts
  • Sidewalks and bike paths
  • Airports
  • Warehouses
  • Underground garages
  • Gas stations (conductive RESIST LF)





The mixed material must be processed quickly and used up completely.

After mixing it is no longer storable!

The coating structure depends on the load category.
Ask your VIALIT consultant about this!


In the product group RESIST you will also find:

  • RESIST 2K LF – the fuel-resistant, electrostatically conductive surface sealant for asphalt pavements
  • RESIST TOP COLOR – the colored surface sealer for sprinkled and unsprinkled colored RESIST coatings
  • RESIST MORTAR – synthetic resin mortar for repair of concrete and (poured) asphalt




The surface must be dry, clean, free of oil/grease and load-bearing in accordance with its load. If necessary (foreign materials, old coatings), it is imperative that the surface is shot-blasted or sandblasted in advance. The material temperature should be + 20 °C. The temperature of the surface should be between + 10 °C and + 30 °C.


Depending on the surface texture, approx. 2 to 2.5 kg of RESIST 2K are required for 1 m².

At a glance

Fuel-resistant surface coating of asphalt surfaces

  • Reactive curing
  • Easy to process
  • 100% effective substance
  • Can also be used indoors


Product sheets

Product sheet RESIST 2K (PDF/650.47 KB)

Product sheet RESIST TOP COLOR (PDF/652.85 KB)

Product sheet RESIST MORTAR (PDF/608.85 KB)

Safety-data sheets

RESIST Comp. A (PDF/140.84 KB)

RESIST LF Comp. A (PDF/140.03 KB)

RESIST 2K LF Color Primer Comp. B (PDF/252.46 KB)

Vialit RESIST PRIMER Comp. A (PDF/141.75 KB)

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